Feeder Equipment

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Feeder Equipment

    • Very useful for continuous and uniform feeding, and wide range for various applications. Also can be used for the volumetric feeder & also control the product flow.
    • It has low operating and maintenance cost.

      ✓ Belt / Screw Feeder:

    • Useful for batch process. Also various types of belt can be used for different materials having different characteristics.

      ✓ Vibratory Feeder & Reciprocating Feeder:

      It is ideal for flow of controlling flow of material to secondary processing operation. It is useful for constant feed of material in heavy capacity. Also works with greater efficiency with lumpy material.

      ✓ Rotary Feeder:

      It is very ideal for air lock application it is totally enclosed and hence dust free performance is observed & rotor assembly can be provided with adjustable tip.

      ✓ Spiral Feeder:

      It is very low cost and flexible in installation as well as operation.