Conveying Equipment

Solutions that will turn your concept to reality

Screw conveyor

    • Ideal for handling bulk material irrespective of its characteristics
    • Highly adaptable as inlet and outlet can be provided at any point.
    • Low in maintenance and occupy minimum space.
    • It can be inclined/ horizontal or jacketed.
    • Range: full bladed/ ribbon type/ paddle type/ win screw/ double flight/ variable pitch
    • Can be designed for all applications, materials & capacity.
    • More than 400 equipment’s are designed for the various industries.

Roller conveyor

    • Powerful conveyor without power.
    • Very low installation and maintenance cost.
    • Designed for arduous working conditions.
    • It can be powerised for upward gradient.


    • Ideal for handling packaged material as well as stacker.
    • Malleable / steel or special chain can be given if required.
    • Carrying side of the wood or steel slate attached to chain.
    • More than 200 equipment’s are used in the sugar / fertilizer and chemical industries.

EN – MASSE conveyor

    • Move’s material in any direction – horizontal / vertical / inclined or curves.
    • Occupies less space than other conveyors.
    • Low maintenance cost and requires minimum supporting structure.
    • Can be designed to suit one or more feed / discharge points.

Apron conveyor

    • Can be used for coal / sand / dust & other heavy lumps.
    • Give better results even in high temperatures conditions
    • Can be horizontal or inclined.
    • Apron are made from the steel plate & attached to chain.
    • Apron side can be attached for avoiding spillage.

Belt conveyor

    • Idle for handling wide variety of material. Also simple in construction & economical in maintenance.
    • Low in power requirement & high in efficiency & also can perform specific function & can operate over any distance.
    • Ranges include flat type, Troughed type & cleated type.
    • Also can supply Belt conveyor having shuttling movement or portability and can also be supplied with tripper or extension boom & more than 225 Belt conveyors are in working condition.

Bucket elevator

    • It is useful to raise a material in bulk. Also it has low initial capital expenditure & operating cost. Also it saves a considerable space.
    • Buckets are provided either on chain or belt depending upon the material. For safeguarding the elongation of chain & belt, takes up units are provided.
    • It has three different types according to the application

      [1] Centrifugal type

      [2] Continuous type

      [3] Positive discharge type

    • More than 150 equipment are in a working condition.

      I. Centrifugal Discharge type:

      ✓ Ideal for bulk handling of free flowing, fines & loose material.

      ✓ Materials is discharged by centrifugal action as the speed is higher.

      II. Continuous Discharge type:

      ✓ Slow speed elevator handling material from light to heavy and from fines to large lumps.

      III. Positive Discharge type:

      ✓ It is ideal for handling wet, fluffy & sticky material. Also at the discharge point bucket is inverted and material is discharged by its gravity.